Come indulge yourself in our peaceful artisan style home, which overlook the préhistoric Couze valley.

Fall asleep amongst one of our five en-suite guest rooms, preférence of single or double bed.

After the restful night only the bird song and the warm smell of our generous breakfast will wake you.

Homemade jam, marmelade and yogurt. Fresh bread, croissant and fruit from our orchard in season.




It is the daily moment after the aperitif, where we have the pleasure to talk about your day.

 Advice and stories are shared and enjoyed, creating a perfect atmosphere to get to know each other, surrounded by the feast that I freshly prepare for you :

Garlic soup, pâté, boletus omelette, cabbage salad with garlic bread walnuts and walnut oil,Pork loin and potatoes cooked in duck fat, chicken salsify pie, walnut cake, fig tart etc... Enjoy!!!



The natural landscape

 The forest in the front of our estate will garnish our dishes with some succulent chanterelle and boletus.

On the side of our house a seven year old truffle garden, known as " the black diamond"!

A variety of fascinating orchids : Orchids Bouc, Tongue Sérapia, Bee Orchids and Ophrys Orchids...and much more all found at a couple of steps from our door.


Végétable garden

 This is Jean-Marc's kingdom, he generously provides most of the herbs and végétables for my cuisine, regarding the season. allowing us to eat fresh and delicious meals all year round.


Montferrand du Perigord:

At 1.9 miles to the west is located the village, which is a must do :

-St Christophe Church and its frescoes from the hight middle age (11th and 12th century),

- Covered market from the 15 th century located in the médieval village surrounding by some renaissance houses.

- Montferrand castle (12th century)

- Epipaléolitic site Combe-Capelle.

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